Kunle Awonusi is the Creative Director. He is in charge of the creative department; his duties also include overseeing project planning and implementation, support management of the organization's strategic plan, budget and fundraising strategy. Supervise and mentor staff to ensure quality work and accountability. Ensure the operationalization and adherence to policies and procedures.

Kunle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, a two years Diploma in Law and Diploma in Filmmaking with over 10years experience in media. He is also the Creator and Producer of the weekend show „Hitz African Screen‟ that aired on ONTV and ONMAX channel 257 on DSTV for 6 years (2012-2017). He is also the producer of Nolly-Star-Host that aired on Africa Magic showcase (2014-2017) and award winning Sitcom “The Bachelors”.

He is an ardent proponent of the need to use the tool of media to shape and re-shape the mind of the youth population in Nigeria to preserve the future


Adeola Amosun is the Media Strategist responsible for planning, distributing and implementing Ace world Africa's overall media strategy in order to support and improve Tv, radio presence and the overall digital presence efforts.

He is a marketing communications professional with over 7 years of experience spanning across media and advertising, broadcast media and content writing. He holds a bachelor‟s degree in Communications from ABU Zaria, with an Advertising certification from University of Australia.

He’s an associate member of Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). He comes with implementation planning experience – having managed key Procter & Gamble‟s flagship brands (Oral B, Pampers, Ariel, Safeguard & Gillette) for 4 years and also functioning as the account lead on key FMCG brands such as Guinness, Nivea, Standard Chartered Bank, Microsoft, Pep etc.


Bamisope Adeyanju is a Trustee and Senior Legal adviser. She is a Baker Mckenzie Scholar and a Human Rights Fellow at Columbia Law School, New York, United States. Bamisope is also a member of the Human Rights Clinic of the renowned Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School. Prior to this, she was a Senior Legal Adviser at Socio-Economic Rights & Accountability Project (SERAP) Lagos, Nigeria. As a young, active Nigerian, she utilizes the law to promote respect for economic and social rights and enjoy working on issues that affects a large number of people, with demonstrated experience in development advocacy and human rights litigation.

She is also keen on how other forms of alternative dispute resolution like arbitration and mediation can be used to effectively resolve environmental and human rights disputes. She fulfilled this interest as an Editor for the only Arbitration Review in the USA–The American Review of International Arbitration (ARIA). Until July 2019, she was a civil society member of the Steering Committees of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Nigeria and the UK-DFID Anti-Corruption in Nigeria Project.

She is a recipient of Harlan Fiske Stone Academic Award, The Parker School Certificate for Achievement in International and Comparative Law Award and The Human Rights Institute for Leadership and Commitment in Human Rights Award. 


Mary Okumoh doubles as both the program officer/associate producer. She oversees the development of the organization's programs including project management, implementation, staff development and daily management of activities.


Ayo Kumapayi is a producer involved in all production project executed by Ace World Africa. He co-produces and coordinates various aspects of the organization‟s production as well as supervising post production. He is a trained journalist and experienced creative content producer for TV, Radio and online media.

Ayo had his A level certificate from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Lagos. He also holds a certificate in Journalism from the Nigerian Broadcast Academy.


Duke Anthony is a senior editor with vast experience in video editing and animation. He is in charge of the post production of the organization‟s programs and also supervises the works of volunteer editors.

He is generally responsible for editing and assembling recorded raw material into suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting.


Titus Ohikhina is an experienced cinematographer, photographer and journalist. He is responsible for managing camera and lighting crews. He oversees the selection and manipulation of technical equipment to create striking images on screen.

The visual impact of our work is driven by the creative choices the D.O.P makes.